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www.FattoreBruciaGrasso.com - Review

Many of us have been led to believe that our weight problems are due to our genetic makeup. Under that school of thought, it follows that we can’t really lose the excess weight we carry, because our tendency to be overweight is ‘genetic’. There are, however, some experts who have disputed this idea.


Those experts have instead put forward an idea that most of the excess weight we carry is due to lifestyle factors. One such expert is Dr Charles, the creator of the Burn Fat Factor program (www.fattorebruciagrasso.com). Dr Charles’ basic premise is this: that our weight problems are due to lifestyle factors, and that we can therefore lose excess weight through lifestyle modification.


The Burn Fat Factor program starts with exposure of the common weight loss myths that people have. The true positions regarding the various issues are laid out. This is important, because many of us have mental blockages which keep us from losing weight. These mental blockages exist as a result of wrong information, and through the Burn Fat Factor program, you get to access the right information.


You will love the Burn Fat Factor program due to the simplicity with which it is presented. In the Burn fat Factor program, you won’t encounter a lot of jargon meant to impress. Rather, the information is presented in a straightforward, easy to implement manner. By the time you are through with it all, you will have full information on what exactly the ‘factor’ that is critical to losing weight is.


Notably, you will be thoroughly exposed to the role that stress plays in weight accumulation. You will be given information on how to deal with the stress, in order to overcome the weight problem sustainably. You will also be given information on the dietary modifications to undertake, as well as the exercises to take part in, so as to lose weight.


The program is originally in Italian as ‘Fattore Brucia Grasso”, making it ideal if you are a person who prefers reading in that language. The full program is available at only 47 Euros. It is different from many other weight loss programs because, firstly, the measures it recommends are so easy that implementing them won’t be a pain.


Furthermore, while many of the other programs lead to not only the loss of fat, but also the loss of (useful) muscle mass, the Burn Fat Factor program is designed to protect the muscle. Thus you only lose fat.


As the science behind the Burn Fat Factor program makes a lot of sense, and the program has been tested and proven, we fully recommend it.